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Suiteworld 2019 and Boomi MDH

I’m heading to Suiteworld this week and looking to met up with customers and friends.  Kitepipe has a number of Netsuite customers - Netsuite is the choice for high growth companies across...

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Lessons Learned After Completing 100 Boomi Projects

Handling more than 100 Boomi projects over the past two years, the team at Kitepipe, a Boomi Select Implementation Services Partner of Dell Boomi, has learned a thing or two about best practices,...

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Boomi World 2018 Talk - Lessons from 100 Boomi Projects

I’m Larry Cone, Founder and CEO at Kitepipe.  We are a Boomi Select Implementation Services Partner, and we do a lot of Boomi projects - more than 100 over the last two years.   In thinking about...

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Kitepipe a Diamond Sponsor of Boomi World 2018!

  I am pleased to announce that Kitepipe is a Diamond Sponsor of the second Boomi World conference. The Conference is being held at the Wynn Las Vegas on November 5th -7th. For our customers, I hope...

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Kitepipe recognized as leader in Netsuite integration space by CIO Review

In the latest CIO Review, focused on Netsuite solution providers, Kitepipe was recognized as a leader in creating high value integrations using Boomi.   The CIO Review issue focused on the Netsuite...

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Cloud-Based Architecture & Integration: Notes From The Experts At Kitepipe

Cloud-Based architecture and Integration - Notes from the front lines   I’ve had the privilege of being on the front lines of the move from on-premise based to cloud-based enterprise application...

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Boomi Training for Architects, Developers, Administrators & Individuals

A frequently asked question to Kitepipe is where and how to get Boomi Training. The answer is that it is free and easy. So easy in fact that I, Ellie from marketing can sign up in a number of minutes...

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Three Principles of Boomi Data Integration Design: No Black Hole

I’m covering three design principles we use at Kitepipe. These are: Empty Pipe No Black Hole Part of the Business Process This post will consider No Black Hole.   What Does "No Black Hole" Mean For...

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Three Principles of Boomi Data Integration Design: Empty Pipe

I have recently had a chance to speak with lots of Boomi customers. Boomi World 17 was an opportunity for us at Kitepipe to connect with our customers, and the larger Boomi community. Often these...

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