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For the majority of the past decade, when you think of Boomi, Gartner may come to mind. That’s because Boomi has been a leader on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for iPaaS (integrated platform as a service) for the past eight years.

Gartner, a thought leader that provides guidance and tools to assist and enhance IT organization and performance for companies, has annually provided a breakdown of leading organization software tools and platforms through, what they’ve dubbed, their “Magic Quadrant.” The quadrant is a ranking on an X and Y axis of four types of technology providers in fast-growing markets: leaders, visionaries, niche players, and challengers. 

Boomi has been named a leader on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the past eight years—and a high-end leader in the Quadrant as well. And as an Elite Boomi Partner, Kitepipe is proud to support and provide consultative services for the iPaaS leader.

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant

To understand the Boomi Gartner relationship, one must understand the Magic Quadrant. The purpose of Magic Quadrant is simple. Gartner guides business toward systems that will help them improve their predictive and business velocity. In the iPaaS category, Gartner’s intent is to lead a buyer toward an iPaaS software that continually tries to ease the complexities of integration and extend support for important use cases. 

When searching for an iPaaS, few may realize that there are a lot of supporting features and performance aspects that take a while to mature as a product. Gartner has positioned Boomi as one of the highest iPaaS vendors in the leadership quadrant for its ability to continually progress through its supporting features, performance, and its speed in delivering new functionality. Boomi placed in Gartner’s leadership category because of its growth and its ability to scale millions of transitions everyday from HR to e-commerce.

The quadrant is free to view on Gartner’s website. You only need to enter your email information in order to access the quadrant. 

The Work Behind Boomi Gartner

Boomi has worked relentlessly to ensure that its Boomi Gartner relationship not only remains steadfast, but also improves. First and foremost, Boomi is progressive in its ability to take strides into new iPaaS territory with grace. Boomi was the first of any iPaaS company to explore the cloud integration iPaaS space. The reason Boomi was able to deliver on something so bold with success was two fold. Boomi has not only been working the longest exclusively on the tools and features needed for successful integrations, but has a massive pool of customers that they can draw on for feedback. Having this network of responsive customers allows them to quickly fold any bugs, concerns, or desires into the development of the product. 

These qualities of Boomi are not by happenstance. Boomi has consciously made the effort and investment in order to keep the relevance and functionality of their product. Integration is a constantly evolving creature, and the needs of iPaaS users will shift as commerce and industry moves through its own evolutions. The developers at Boomi aren’t complacent. They listen to the needs of their clientele, invents heavily into their concerns, and in turn produce a quality product that they update their users on almost daily.

Kitepipe’s Role in the Boomi Gartner Relationship

The Boomi Gartner relationship is boosted by the support of Kitepipe. The standout aspect is that Kitepipe is a Boomi elite partner. Kitepipe pushes the boundaries of the product and lets Boomi know where they would benefit from new features. They are in direct communication with Boomi development, helping to feed back learnings and challenges from Kitepipe’s 100+ Boomi projects per year. Kitepipe is entirely focused on training its consultants to obtain full knowledge on Boomi’s functions and features to help move the product forward. It’s this symbiotic relationship between the two entities that allows Boomi to keep improving. 

But Kitepipe’s Boomi support doesn’t end there. The consultants at Kitepipe understand that while the base functions of Boomi are friendly to the layperson, its full capabilities require extensive time and knowledge that businesses may not be able to invest in. Many times when people make integrations on their own, they run into many common mistakes. As integration experts, they also know the solutions and can lead customers in the right direction. To make sure that Boomi users achieve maximum value, Kitepipe CEO Larry Cone ensures that Kitepipe consultants partner with Boomi developers to get custom training on Boomi best practices. 

But perhaps what sets Kitepipe above all other Boomi consultants is that Kitepipe CEO Larry Cone authored the original architecture training for Boomi. Cone’s training materials and in-depth knowledge became the standard for any business setting up Boomi.

This training manual is available online as a free PDF on the Boomi training platform.

Need to Know More about Boomi Gartner?

While the success of Boomi is multifaceted, there is no denying that Kitepipe’s extensive knowledge is what leverages businesses to achieve maximum business velocity with Boomi. Though Boomi is the one that achieved "leader" status on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, it is only through the expertise of Kitepipe consultants that the leadership qualities of Boomi can be expressed in your Business. 

To leverage your Boomi integrations, get in touch with a Kitepipe consultant today. 

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