Boomi Training for Architects, Developers, Administrators & Individuals

A frequently asked question to Kitepipe is where and how to get Boomi Training. The answer is that it is free and easy. So easy in fact that I, Ellie from marketing can sign up in a number of minutes for no cost at all. So to show you how to do it I will walk you through my sign-up process. Here is a detailed, step by step guide to learning Boomi for architects, developers, administrators and the individual course EDI 1, Master Data Management 1, Boomi Flow Essentials.

Step 1: Go To Dell Boomi's Training Web Page

Go to the Dell Boomi website at  Click on the Sign Up link on the banner at the top of the page.


Step 2: Create A Free Dell Boomi LMS Account

Sign up for a new account in the Dell Boomi LMS (Learning Management System).

  • A valid company email is required and must be validated prior to accessing the LMS. 
  • Passwords must contain uppercase and lowercase letters, 1 number and be at least 8 characters in length


Step 3: Verify Your Email

Verify your email address using the link from the email message automatically generated once you successfully sign up.

Step 4: Complete Your Dell Boomi LMS Initial Login

Log in to the LMS for the first time at  On the Welcome page, click on My Courses.

Step 5: Enroll In Boomi Essentials

Enroll in Boomi Essentials and begin your Boomi Training!

  • Launch Boomi Essentials and complete the On-Demand course.
  • Upon completion, click on Course Catalog.

Step 6: Enroll In Your Desired Certification Path or Individual Course

Enroll in the Certification Path (Developer, Architect, Administrator) or the individual course (EDI 1, Master Data Management 1, Boomi Flow Essentials) of your choice.


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