Our Partners

Kitepipe has partnered with best in class companies to ensure our support and managed services teams are leveraging the tools necessary to deliver the white glove services our customers require. Each partner provides a capability that Kitepipe team members are certified to use to support our customers.


Datadog provides monitoring and dashboard services to Kitepipe for both our Boomi and AWS teams to support the AWS environment. These monitors and dashboards allow us to quickly triage problems and increase the efficiency of the support team.


Trek10 provides the Kitepipe support team with 24/7 support capabilities in a global, follow-the-sun model for our AWS managed services. Using a team with resources that are able to quickly triage AWS infrastructure alerts during off-hours is important to meeting our 24/7 SLA’s that we have with many of our customers.


Kitepipe manages the Boomi runtime in standard-built AWS environments for our customers. AWS has a full range of hosted computing services and ancillary services that are combined to provide Better Boomi in AWS.


Kitepipe is a long-standing Boomi Platinum Partner. We have worked closely with their managed cloud services team to create and support full service offers for Boomi in AWS.


Terraform, a HashiCorp company, provides the scripting language for an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) deployment model that Kitepipe uses for our AWS builds.


PagerDuty ensures that Kitepipe support team members are notified and provided with incident information to triage alert events.

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