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Download Full Boomi World Session - Fintech + Boomi = Transformation

Our Breakout Session at BoomiWorld 2024- Fintech + Boomi = Transformation: How Kitepipe is using the full Boomi platform to support digital transformation in Fintech - shows how we are using the full...

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Optimizing Boomi Business Rules for Effective Error Management

Staying ahead of potential issues and errors in your data processing workflows saves you time, money, and frustration. One tool that stands out for its efficiency in error detection and management...

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5 Things To Know Before Starting Your First Boomi Integration Project

So you’ve recently bought Boomi and are ready to start your first Boomi project—congratulations! Boomi is a top-rated iPaaS for building and deploying seamless integrations. However, assembling the...

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Essential Strategies for iPaaS Integrations with Boomi

“I have done a lot of Boomi integration builds, and almost every project has something new - here the Fulfillment object, there the Credit Memo. So it might be helpful to share how I go about...

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6 Boomi Training Techniques for Architects, Developers, Administrators & Individuals

Boomi has always been at the forefront of cloud-based integration and automation, enabling businesses to transform and improve their operational efficiency. They have a robust partner ecosystem,...

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Kitepipe at Boomi World 24

I hope all of you are heading for Boomi World 2024 in Denver. CO in a few weeks. It is an exciting event - the first full Boomi conference since DC in 2019, right before the pandemic. For Kitepipe,...

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Ultimate Guide to Copying a Boomi Process: Step-by-Step Tutorial

“Processes are the central components in Integration. They contain the series of shapes that determine how data is executed within the system. A process typically represents a discrete workflow that...

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A Guide to Hosting Boomi Integrations in the Cloud

IT professionals who work with integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solutions, often manage complex integration tasks within constrained resources. Larry Cone, Founder and CEO of Kitepipe,...

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Hosting Boomi in the Cloud

Click here to access the webinar recording. Transcript below: Larry Cone (00:01): Okay, we are live at our Boomi-focused webinar, Hosting Boomi in the Cloud, Business Drivers and Best Practices. So...

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