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How to Optimize Transaction Flow for NetSuite and Shopify

Anyone who works in e-commerce knows their success depends on fast, accurate transaction processing. In order to get products into the customer’s hands, in the timeline they expect, the transaction...

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Need Help with Boomi Salesforce Connector? We got you.

Salesforce has revolutionized the customer relationship management (CRM) world for a generation. As one of the most popular CRM systems, the Salesforce platform empowers multiple types of...

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Kitepipe Launches AWS Managed Services Business Unit Focused on Boomi Integrations

Initial customers benefit from moving to the AWS cloud. July 1, 2022: Boomi customers are migrating existing workloads to the AWS cloud.  New projects and integrations using the Boomi iPaas platform...

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An Expert's Take on Dilbert and Data Integration

For over 30 years, IT professionals have witnessed the little, satirical, and surrealist moments of their professional lives reflected in the daily comic strip Dilbert. The main character Dilbert is...

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Kitepipe Runs on MomPower

Working mothers account for 32% of all employed women in the modern workforce. These powerful women balance caretaking with climbing up the ladder—and the societal stigmas that come with both....

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6 Sprints for Successful Boomi Implementation Projects

Looking to start a Boomi cloud integration service project? Kitepipe just updated their Successful Boomi Projects ebook that shares tips for conducting a successful Boomi implementation project....

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A Beginner's Guide to the Workday Employee Hub

Configuring Workday to manage the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes is a complex process. Many times, companies installing Workday invest a huge amount of time and money cleaning and...

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3 Things to Know About Boomi EDI Integration l Kitepipe

So you’ve bought Boomi, and you’re discovering the ins and outs of Boomi’s EDI integration capabilities. But perhaps you’re beginning to hit a wall. Maybe you find yourself wanting to leverage more...

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Boomi Is a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for iPaaS, 8 Years Running | Kitepipe

For the majority of the past decade, when you think of Boomi, Gartner may come to mind. That’s because Boomi has been a leader on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for iPaaS (integrated platform as a service)...

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