6 Expert Techniques - and One Smart Solution - for Monitoring your Boomi Environment 

Prevent Process Failures, Go from Reactive to Predictive, and Know Before Your Users that Business Processes are at Risk

When it comes to effectively monitoring your Boomi environment in AWS, having the right tools and techniques at your disposal is crucial. In this article, we will unveil six expert techniques for maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your Boomi environment monitoring. These six techniques are: 

  1. Determine the Root Cause
  2. Consolidate Platform Monitoring
  3. Bridge the Knowledge Gap
  4. Utilize Smart Trending Alerts
  5. Simplify Log Files
  6. Overcome Log Purge Limitations

Each of these steps can be complex. That’s why Kitepipe recommends connecting Datadog tools for Boomi with AtomWatch.

What is AtomWatch by Kitepipe?

AtomWatch is a joint marketplace offering from Kitepipe, the expert Boomi consultants, and Datadog, a cloud-based monitoring and analytics platform for IT infrastructure and applications. AtomWatch serves as your one-stop control center, offering complete visibility of Boomi processes, cluster nodes, and related infrastructure. It also provides data  about the health of your Boomi integrations through dashboards, custom metrics and monitors.

AtomWatch addresses the common pain points that customers face when monitoring the Boomi integration platform and the applications connected to it. Paired with these six expert techniques, even the most resource-constrained teams can know before your users that your business processes are at risk.

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Technique 1: Determine the Root Cause 

Managing Boomi integration platform and its applications presents a multifaceted challenge due to the multiple potential points of failure. Using tools such as AtomWatch can streamline root cause analysis, making problem resolution more manageable and efficient.

The typical Boomi set-up includes the AtomSphere, a cloud access tool, along with a public cloud-based runtime that operates in platforms like AWS, Azure, or GCP. Furthermore, this complex ecosystem extends to customer applications with individual cloud endpoints, which can span traditional flagship cloud services such as Salesforce, SAP’s cloud suite, Oracle ERP, NetSuite, Workday, Coupa, and more. 

Identifying the root cause of a business process failure or improper execution can be akin to finding a needle in a haystack. However, with the right strategies and tools, this daunting task can be made more manageable, efficient, and effective.

To address this complexity, it is important to complete a root cause analysis, an expert technique that helps you minimize your troubleshooting time. AtomWatch allows you to do this efficiently by consolidating all integration points, allowing for a quicker resolution and easier identification of the initial cause of process failure events.

Technique 2: Use “Single Pane of Glass” Dashboards

AtomWatch consolidates data from various Boomi environment sources like AWS logs, Boomi runtime logs, and platform alerts into a single, easy-to-use dashboard in Datadog, enabling faster, more informed decision-making.

Monitoring the Boomi environment involves overseeing elements such as AWS logs, Boomi runtime logs, Boomi process logs, and Boomi platform alerts. Each of these sources comes with a unique user interface or review tool, which can make navigating through and correlating data from these multiple sources a significant challenge.

To overcome this challenge, it’s best practice to use dashboards that provide a comprehensive view of your entire Boomi Datadog platform. One way to accomplish this is through AtomWatch, which compiles the Boomi process resources (compute and runtime) with their statuses in a “single pane of glass” in Datadog. 

The following dashboards are available to AtomWatch customers:

  • AtomWatch Overview for Boomi
  • Boomi Workload Monitoring
  • Boomi Compute Monitoring
  • Boomi Cluster Monitoring 

To learn more about each of these dashboards, refer to the AtomWatch installation and setup FAQ

With a single-pane-of-glass dashboard, you no longer need to navigate through multiple interfaces or review tools, thus reducing complexity and increasing operational efficiency. 

Technique 3: Bridge the Knowledge Gap 

Partnering with experienced Boomi Datadog integration professionals bridges the skills gap of managing the complex layers of Boomi integrations, reducing delays and inefficiencies.

Managing Boomi integrations can be quite complex. It requires an understanding of the infrastructure layer, Atom layer, and process layer, each of which has its own unique characteristics and demands. The result is a common skills gap for IT professionals that can make effective management and troubleshooting of Boomi integrations challenging.

One way to overcome this challenge is finding a partner that has experience in Boomi Datadog integrations. The AtomWatch product also helps overcome the challenges of requiring a broad skill set for understanding the infrastructure, atom, and process layers of Boomi integrations. 

Technique 4: Enable Smart Trending Alerts 

AtomWatch compensates for the Boomi platform's limited trend monitoring and alert generation tools by offering features to create smart alerts based on time or volume trends, enhancing the proactive management of the Boomi environment.

Boomi's platform is an incredibly powerful tool for managing data integrations, but it does have certain limitations when it comes to trend monitoring and alert generation. Smart alerts and visualizations are crucial in the proactive management of the Boomi environment as they monitor changes over time, and can warn of potential issues well before they evolve into substantial problems. However, without the inherent capabilities within the platform to set up these alerts, users might struggle to detect trends or irregularities in time or volume.

One way to address this challenge is by leveraging AtomWatch's tools and visualizations to create and apply smart alerts based on time or volume trends, thereby compensating for the Boomi platform's lack of such functionalities.

Technique 5: Simplify Log Files

AtomWatch simplifies the complex and time-consuming task of managing and linking diverse Boomi platform log files by connecting and interpreting them, which facilitates more efficient troubleshooting for teams.

Managing and resolving failures within the Boomi environment can be difficult, given the numerous log files that each process generates. Each log file holds important details about the respective process such as its operations, interactions, and potential issues. However, the fact that they are located in different systems or repositories can slow down troubleshooting efforts, as it takes time to gather and correlate all the data.

Additionally, the task of manually linking information from these diverse logs can be burdensome.

You can simplify your log files with AtomWatch. AtomWatch effortlessly connects and interprets Boomi platform log files. The Datadog integration makes API calls to the Boomi Platform on your behalf, retrieving execution records and sending them to Datadog as logs. This reduces the complexity of navigating logs and resolving process failures, even for IT support teams with minimal Boomi expertise.

Technique 6: Overcome Log Purge Limitations

Boomi's 30-day log purge policy potentially limits long-term analysis and troubleshooting. AtomWatch can store and retrieve purged logs in Datadog, bypassing this limitation and enabling more comprehensive insights.

Boomi's AtomSphere hosts a variety of critical information, including logs, schedules, and other essential data for the operation and monitoring of integrations. As a result, AtomSphere must efficiently manage storage space to provide optimal performance to all users.

Boomi’s policy is to purge all logs after 30 days. While this policy helps maintain optimal storage capacity, preventing potential slowdowns, this poses a challenge for organizations troubleshooting integration issues or analyzing trends over a longer period of time. This is particularly relevant when trying to identify infrequent issues or anomalies that occur over extended time periods, as the necessary data may have been purged.

This situation underscores the need for efficient data management strategies and tools that can store, retrieve, and analyze log data beyond the standard 30-day limit imposed by Boomi. One way to accomplish this is through AtomWatch, which stores and then can retrieve the purged logs in Datadog. This helps you bypass the limitations posed by Boomi's 30-day log purge policy and allows you to effectively address process failures and anomalies through time-component trend analysis.

Monitor Boomi with AtomWatch by Kitepipe 

If you are looking to better manage your Boomi runtime or keep an eye on your Atom, following these six techniques will help you master your data.  From IT support teams to Business unit owners who are experiencing pain points such as unknown root cause failures, cumbersome log files, purged logs, missing alerts, dispersed dashboards, or lack of Boomi knowledge, AtomWatch can help. 

To try AtomWatch for your organization, we offer a 14 Day Free Trial that includes a one hour set-up and configuration session. To start a trial of AtomWatch, you will need to have: 

  • Boomi Atom or Molecule running on a server or virtual server (not containerized).
  • Optionally, operate Boomi API Gateway on a server or virtual server.
  • The ability to remotely access each server with admin permissions and edit files using the command line.
  • Secure admin privileges in your Boomi account.
  • The ability to create a user in Boomi, assign permissions, and generate an API token.
  • An email address to use as the login ID for a newly created Boomi user.

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