Why This Well Known
Fitness Bike Company
Chose Kitepipe

“If the customer could be quoted, they might say that Kitepipe quickly engaged, diagnosed the problem, and implemented a successful solution that not only reduced errors in the fulfillment and order booking, but scaled for our peak holiday volumes.”

— Larry Cone, Kitepipe CEO

Kitepipe Rebuilds an Ecommerce Triangle for a Fitness Bike Company

Immediate Relief as a Result of Kitepipe's Boomi Integrations

Ecommerce fulfillment and booking

Project highlights include a rebuilding of the classic Ecommerce sell/ fulfill/ booking triangle featuring NetSuite, Shopify and multiple third-party fulfillment houses.

Context/Problem/Pain Points:
Like many companies this high growth fitness brand and retailer had challenges managing the sales fulfillment booking cycle of an Ecommerce order. Data quality issues and lack of effective air handling caused significant problems around order fulfillment and revenue recognition. It was Kitepipe to the rescue to reengineer the Ecommerce revenue cycle just in time for holiday peak holiday cycle.

Solution Approach

Process and Project Approach:
Our review of the existing processes showed that a central problem was the lack of effective integration air handling as well as functional problems posting to the complex NetSuite fulfillment objects. We rebuilt the order to fulfillment, order to NetSuite and fulfillment to NetSuite transaction triangle to support scaling and effective air handling.

Technical Solution:
Components of the technical solution included custom objects in NetSuite acting as error notification and tracking repositories. We improved mastering integrations to Shopify and third-party fulfillment vendors, and added well-structured fulfillment posting to NetSuite making use of the complex NetSuite data fulfillment and API.

Outcome and Results:
Immediate relief was experienced by the customer operations team, as five thousand mis-posted orders were reduced to a trickle. Follow on benefits included quicker monthly close, and greatly reduced scaling issues during the subsequent Black Friday and Cyber Monday order peaks. Hundreds of hours of operations team air handling were eliminated due to accurate and complete air handling now posting to a custom NetSuite logging object.

Values and Success

Kitepipe was able to quickly assess and remediate problems with the existing integration processes.

Kitepipe was able to effectively push back and manage the relationship with this super high performance corporate culture.

Kitepipe was able to rapidly flex to support changing customer needs and requirements.

“Moderna’s five-year relationship with Kitepipe insured that our Boomi integration processes and overall data integrity were ready for the shocks and hypergrowth we experienced while working on a vaccine to help address the pandemic. Solid data integration supported our need to achieve many years of growth in a single year. Kitepipe's Boomi experts helped make us integration superheroes.”

Marcello Damiani, Chief Digital and Operational Excellence Officer

"I just wanted to express gratitude on behalf of the team for all of your incredible work of the past few months on the first project. We were consistently impressed with your work, expertise and ability to solve problems on behalf of the customer. We also greatly appreciate your patience as continue to onboard as new Boomi partners"

Director OEM Partnerships

I had high expectations - and I worked phenomenally together with my Kitepipe consultant. She was very solutions oriented and had a genuine interest in the solution and the quality of the delivery. She helped me understand the capabilities of the integration, and structure it for growth and change. What a great project experience!

Manager IT Operations

"Your team has been wonderful to work with - both solid technically and able to provide business experience and context which is really important for a fast growing firm like us. Ten out of ten”

Manager Finance Operations

“Your assessment of our Boomi environment and current issues is excellent. Everything is well organized, itemized, and descriptive. We are very happy with the assessment."

Data Solutions Architect Consumer Finance

We can’t speak highly enough of the team from Kitepipe. We were working on a tight deadline, yet the team always kept it fun and light while meeting every milestone week to week. It was truly a team effort and thank you for assembling the Kitepipe A-Team for Vizient.

Carla Bates, Manager eCommerce Development

"With our resources alone, we were scheduled to complete the work at the end of 2021. However, with the exceptional assistance from Kitepipe, we were able to complete the work in 4 months putting us 9 months ahead of the original schedule! Kitepipe’s knowledge of Boomi, professionalism, collaboration, high standards of quality, and flexibility were very much welcomed and major contributors to the success of this project. On behalf of our senior leadership and my team, thank you very much! "

Sr. IT Director Healthcare

"Kitepipe partnered with us from our very first Boomi integration and helped ensure our success from their advice on licensing, their architecture and planning, all the way through execution and testing.  We have relied on the integrations they built for over 5 years with no issues.  We would highly recommend their services."

VP Information Technology, Emerging Biotech

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