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Workday Spaghetti - Don’t Create an Irv

Avoiding Spaghetti Logic When Adopting Workday You have a choice when implementing Workday. You can get it with a side of Irv and spaghetti, or with Boomi.   Recently I spoke with a large prospect...

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A Brief History of Cloud Integration - In the Beginning

Kitepipe has over 30 years of experience in IT technology and services. In the Beginning was the Internet, and the Internet brought information from Everywhere to the browser on the desktop of...

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13 Work from Home Tips from the All-Remote Team at Kitepipe

In this time of Global Lockdown, lots of people are working from home for the first time.  I asked the Kitepipe team, who have been IT remote for the last five plus years, to share some work at home...

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Seven Boomi MDH Design Tips from the Hub Stars at Kitepipe

We at Kitepipe have been building solutions with the Boomi Master Data Hub for quite a while.  In fact we are leaders in the use of the Boomi Hub technology in solving data mastering problems for...

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Boomi World 2019: The Partnership Between Glencore & Kitepipe

During Boomi World 2019, Kitepipe and Glencore spoke about their partnership and the process they went through to have a successful integration outcome. Glencore Zinc decided to implement Workday as...

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What a Great Show! Boomi World 2019 in Washington D.C.

Kitepipe had a great Boomi World 2019 - our biggest and best ever.  We were a Diamond Sponsor for the second year in a row, and the Kitepipe team was so excited to see customers new and old as they...

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Kitepipe a Diamond Sponsor of Boomi World 2019!

I am pleased to announce that Kitepipe is a Diamond Sponsor of the third annual Boomi World conference. The Conference is being held on October 1st -3rd in Washington, D.C. For our customers, I hope...

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Boomi on the Beach 2019

Kitepipe's annual conference was another great success! Hosted on the beach near our office in Wilmington, NC the conference was filled with Boomi education, employee bonding, and company internal...

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Moderna Biotech & Digital Transformation with Boomi

In April, Kitepipe had a chance to connect with a distinguished group of thought leaders at our customer Moderna Therapeutics in Cambridge, MA.  The event showcased how Boomi integration and data...

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