How to Optimize Transaction Flow for NetSuite and Shopify

Anyone who works in e-commerce knows their success depends on fast, accurate transaction processing. In order to get products into the customer’s hands, in the timeline they expect, the transaction flow must be optimized. The best way to do that? Use Boomi to optimize the transaction flow between NetSuite and Shopify.

Without using Boomi to enable a proper transaction flow, the many steps from order to cash can fail, which ultimately disrupts the business flow. And while empowering your business with Boomi education helps, the transaction flow becomes truly seamless when a Boomi consultant is there.

The Kitepipe integration experts want to improve your e-commerce transactions by showing you some quick tips on optimizing the flow between Shopify, Shipwire, and NetSuite. 

Understanding the Transaction Flow 

Shopify, Shipwire, and NetSuite are like three points on a triangle, with Boomi acting as the bridge between each point. In order to optimize the connection between Shopify, Shipwire, and NetSuite, it is important to know how the three services integrate with one another. 

In this "transaction triangle," Shopify, the e-commerce platform, originates the orders from the customers. Boomi carries the Shopify order information and their purchase to an accounting system—in this case, NetSuite. 

At the same time, Boomi moves the order data from Shopify into Shipwire, or a similar ecommerce warehouse and fulfillment platform. Here, the transaction can be fulfilled, and the warehouse knows where to ship the items in the order. Once the order has shipped, Boomi moves the ship notification data to NetSuite to let the accounting system know that the order has shipped. This last connection is complicated, both because the Fulfillment record in NetSuite is complex, and because orders can be partially shipped. This final connection also means that the business can now record the revenue.

As previously mentioned, the data messenger in this flow is Boomi, and while there are other ways to accomplish this flow without Boomi, using Boomi provides the highest success rate and cleanest synchronization.

Common Mistakes in Shipwire and Shopify Transaction Flows

While the Shipwire-Shopify flow may seem straightforward, there are three common mistakes businesses make.

Mistake 1: Not thinking about the master data 

How your master data synchronizes between Shipwire, Shopify, and NetSuite can determine the success of your transaction flows. The item number and the customer data must flow to the three platforms seamlessly in order to have a smooth transaction. 

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Mistake 2: Overlooking performance and scalability 

Beyond master data synchronization, you cannot forget about performance and scalability when setting up a Shopify-Shipwire-NetSuite flow. 

When the holidays come around, or when there’s a sudden peaked interest in an e-commerce product, the sheer order volume can overload the transaction flows and cause shipping and revenue delays

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Mistake 3: Overlooking your inventory levels

Don’t overlook your inventory levels. This data needs to pass harmoniously from Shipwire to Shopify so the customer doesn’t buy a product that, in reality, is no longer available. Shopify needs Shipwire to update the product’s inventory level in order to accurately communicate the availability to customers. 

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The Best Way to Optimize Transaction Flows? Get a Kitepipe Consultant. 

The most painless way to avoid setbacks with your Shipwire-Shopify transaction flows is to bring in a consultant.

Kitepipe consultants implement transaction flows based on Boomi best practices, and they help in the following ways: 

  • Ask important questions about your business—like transaction volume, fulfillment processes, and current inventory.
  • Complete an analysis on your business cycle to understand how you run your business—and how that lines up with industry standards. 
  • Stay informed about the common gaps in Shopify-Shipwire integrations. 
  • Stay agile in all things Boomi and master data synchronization.
  • Raise questions customers may not have considered.

Consultants can also help when your transaction volume spikes. For example, when a well-known fitness bike company needed their Shipwire-Shopify-NetSuite flow improved just before a Black Friday peak, Kitepipe consultants stepped in and tuned the Boomi processes just in time for the holiday sales season. 

Overall, working with an expert Booomi consultant grants you access to a whole library of integration techniques and best practices. Look into getting an Elite Boomi consultant from Kitepipe to improve your business flow. 

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