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When it comes to iPaaS tools (integrated platform as a service), you may immediately think of the various iPaaS solutions out there. For us, there’s just one iPaaS solution – Boomi. We’ve been helping to structure and execute Boomi integration projects for years. As an iPaaS tool, Boomi is a powerful product. It’s known to be user friendly and scalable.

However, if you’re looking to solve more complicated integration problems—something that Boomi hands down does best—or you are a Boomi newbie, your most important tool will be your consultant.

What to Expect in Your First Boomi Integration

You’ve made the right decision in bringing an iPaaS into your business. Overall benefits can include increased business velocity, reduced personnel costs, and reduced errors

Boomi lists additional benefits of the platform such as:

  1. Improved data quality and decisions
  2. Elimination of data silos
  3. Support movement of applications to the cloud 
  4. Improve IT efficiencies
  5. Readiness for growth and digital transformation

And more. All of these benefits make Boomi a no-brainer. But what if you’re a Boomi newbie? Or looking to solve complicated integration problems? 

Some common questions running through your mind might be about hiring another full-time employee for your Boomi integration, using a current IT employee to make the integration, or bringing in a Boomi consultant. IPaaS tools are there to simplify business processes, and to ensure they don’t add extra complexity, let’s think through these questions.

Do I need to hire a full-time employee to help me integrate Boomi? We typically say no. A skilled Kitepipe Boomi consultant can (and has) completed a two-way integration project in two-three weeks.

Can my current IT employee make the integration? Sure. But will you provide your full-time employee adequate time to learn and train in Boomi? To use the tool properly, you really need expertise. Especially if you’re dealing with a sophisticated problem, such as order handling. Having the expertise to ensure your order (with pricing and correctly calculated taxes) is matched to the right customer and product masters would be an example of this. If you’re looking for Boomi training or Boomi staffing, that’s another one of our services that can be tailored for your organization.

Should I bring in a Boomi Consultant? Yes, Boomi consultants can save you time and improve your business velocity. Don’t fear consultants—they can harness the power of Boomi and help you quickly gain the business benefits of integration. Instead of increasing your overhead in either spending time searching for a full-time employee, or training your own employee to complete an integration, hire a consultant and get to the benefits of Boomi faster. 

The Role Consultants Play as iPaaS Tools

What’s the main benefit of having consultants complete your iPaaS integrations? It all boils down to speed. If you’ve selected Boomi as your iPaaS, yes your team can get training and figure out the configurations. But if you’re in a hurry, bring in the experts to get connections moving quickly and create quick wins.

The consulting process that we recommend always is to have experts come in and jump right into the first integration. Because Boomi offers out-of-the-box functionality (another perk), expert consultants can complete your first round of integrations without wasting time on complex setup. That way, you have a sound basis of best practices for your team to move forward. 

As consultants, Kitepipe takes an agile, fast, and build-first approach to iPaaS integrations to get to the benefits quicker. The real payoff of an iPaaS solution is how it impacts your business processes. So the faster you can get your iPaaS integrated, the faster you can reap the benefits.

Our consulting work can scale to your Boomi integration project. For example, If you’re looking to build your first integration, we can do that. If you’ve already done some integrations and you need support and maintenance, we can do that too. For a full look at our services, check out our website. 

Overall, speed is the main differentiator in having consultants as your iPaaS tools. In the past, we’ve worked on Boomi integration projects for 10 months that required four highly-qualified consultants. We’ve also done integrations 10-hours a week, in just over three months. If done in-house, these integrations would have taken much longer.

At one of our previous clients, the Sr. Manager, Finance Systems, commented on our scalability. "During a cost review with my VP of Finance, I was pleased to relate how much Kitepipe has accomplished with relatively few billed hours. Not often the case with IT service providers."

The Difference a Boomi-Trained Consultant Can Make 

Every organization wants to increase their business velocity, improve efficiencies, and reach digital transformation. When you bring in consultants, you get to those benefits with speed and accuracy. There’s no guesswork on how to build the tool. There’s only expertly built rich integrations.

As Elite Level Boomi certified consultants, we help organizations connect Boomi with anything. Our dedicated Boomi developers use the connectivity power of Boomi to connect to any modern cloud application. No matter what systems and cloud-based applications you’re looking to integrate, our experts can help.

As iPaaS tools, consultants alleviate the burden of handling complex integrations. Are you ready to embrace consultants in your business? Get in touch with us to discuss your upcoming integration creation or maintenance plans

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