Boomi Support Explained – FAQs about Kitepipe Support Offerings

Many Boomi customers are not aware that Kitepipe offers support services for their Boomi atoms, molecules, processes and executions. Here are some FAQs around Kitepipe's support offerings for Boomi customers.

Who uses Kitepipe Boomi support services?

Customers who engage Kitepipe for Boomi support services fall into a few distinct categories:

  • Large enterprise-class customers with extremely complex, business critical Boomi integration suites.  These customers seek the deep expertise of the Kitepipe team around complex integrations such as: Coupa procurement; data mastering for customers, employees, and other business critical data; high-volume EDI or logistics; high volume seasonal e-commerce peaks, and critical GxP manufacturing integrations.
  • Mid-tier organizations who use the Boomi molecule/API combo for high- availability customer/channel transaction integrations.
  • Smaller firms with important Boomi integrations who do not have a Boomi specialist on staff.


How is Kitepipe Boomi support different from Boomi premium support?

Boomi product support is valuable, but limited in scope. Boomi support covers very specific product installation and performance areas. Fortunately, Boomi is a mature, stable product, and the atoms run smoothly month after month. 

Where customers need help is in diagnosing problems with Boomi integration processes that they built and/or maintain, or data issues. The Kitepipe support team has the skills to respond, diagnose, and resolve Boomi process problems, whether logic, performance, or data quality issues.

Are there levels or tiers in the Kitepipe support offering?

Yes. Customers have different levels of Boomi build out, and different levels of business process importance in their Boomi integrations. We strive to fit a range of customer support needs. Here are the different support levels:



Unlimited Tickets


Hours Bucket

Bucket of prepaid hours to be used for problem resolution



Level 2

Level 2 Boomi process and platform support; unlimited tickets and resolutions; includes a bucket of development hours for process configuration changes and deployments



Level 1&2 

Primary issue identification and diagnosis plus ticketing, tracking and resolution; includes a bucket of development hours




All support levels can add on:

  • Additional development hours at a preferred support rate
  • Kitepipe’s DataDog-powered atom and process monitoring dashboards
  • 7x24 Support SLA
  • Fully managed cloud hosting of atoms/molecules in AWS

All support levels have access to Tier 3 - Boomi development engineers at Kitepipe.


How is the support service priced?  

Kitepipe support levels are priced based on the number and complexity of the Boomi processes implemented, and the level of support needed by the business processes these integrations power.


How does Kitepipe evaluate the support needs of the customer?

We do a free assessment to understand the number of processes, the quality of the build, the current error frequency based on log analysis, and the maturity of the business processes supported.  This free assessment is available to all current Boomi customers, and is a significant value in itself by providing the customer with a third party evaluation of their Boomi build-out.


Find out more about Free Support Assessment


What does the monitoring dashboard cover?

We use a customized DataDog agent to collect Boomi atom and process metrics, which drive dashboards and alerts in the DataDog platform. Metrics such as disk capacity and memory usage are proactively monitored.  Datadog is used to follow trends in both the infrastructure and Boomi processes.


Who is on the Kitepipe support team and how is support delivered?

The Kitepipe support team is comprised of AWS and Boomi certified engineers. Kitepipe has a best-in-class Boomi development team and for 7x24 we use a follow-the-sun model, augmented by AWS Premier Tier partner Trek 10.

Our support is delivered via a Jira-powered support platform with a separate service desk for each customer.  Our technicians use a rich case and knowledge base to research common problems.  They have direct access to the top Boomi developers and architects in the Kitepipe Boomi Services Team.

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