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Kitepipe recognized as leader in Netsuite integration space by CIO Review

In the latest CIO Review, focused on Netsuite solution providers, Kitepipe was recognized as a leader in creating high value integrations using Boomi.   The CIO Review issue focused on the Netsuite...

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Cloud-Based Architecture & Integration: Notes From The Experts At Kitepipe

Cloud-Based architecture and Integration - Notes from the front lines   I’ve had the privilege of being on the front lines of the move from on-premise based to cloud-based enterprise application...

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Boomi Training for Architects, Developers, Administrators & Individuals

A frequently asked question to Kitepipe is where and how to get Boomi Training. The answer is that it is free and easy. So easy in fact that I, Ellie from marketing can sign up in a number of minutes...

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Three Principles of Boomi Data Integration Design: No Black Hole

I’m covering three design principles we use at Kitepipe. These are: Empty Pipe No Black Hole Part of the Business Process This post will consider No Black Hole.   What Does "No Black Hole" Mean For...

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Three Principles of Boomi Data Integration Design: Empty Pipe

I have recently had a chance to speak with lots of Boomi customers. Boomi World 17 was an opportunity for us at Kitepipe to connect with our customers, and the larger Boomi community. Often these...

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What To Do While Visiting Sonoma for The Boomi World Conference

 A perfect Sonoma day might go like this:   Breakfast on The Beach Breakfast early, get in the car, and head for the Sonoma coast. Follow CA 116 to the coast at Jenner, and stop at Goat Rock State...

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Integration Work With Moderna

On Wednesday March 8 we will be highlighting our integration work with Moderna, a fast growing Biotech company and leader in mRNA digital drug technology. I'm speaking at the Gartner Data & Analytics...

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User Provisioning - A Solution where Boomi Shines

At Kitepipe, we work with a wide range of enterprise customers across varied verticals and size profiles. We are increasingly finding a problem common to many firms - User Provisioning. How can the...

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How We Tamed Master Data Management Problems With Dell-Boomi MDM solution

We recently brought a new Boomi Master Data Management installation live for one of our customers. Here are some impressions on the MDM product, and its fit in the enterprise landscape. First the...

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