The Well Connected Biotech Webinar

We are excited to announce “The Well Connected Biotech” webinar on Tuesday, November 10th at 1:00pm EST. Larry Cone, Founder and CEO of Kitepipe with a background in drug discovery, along with Steven Frederick, former IT Director of Moderna Therapeutics will be presenting.

You will want to join if:
You are in IT or Operations in an emerging biotech organization.
Entering a hyper-growth phase associated with investment or clinical development.
You need: 
Understanding of how integration of applications and data can be an enabling technology to support hypergrowth.
You seek: 
To know best practices - how high-growth biotech companies have used Kitepipe and Boomi to build the digital drug company.
If you are a tech or operations leader of a high-growth biotech company, you owe it to your organization to attend the upcoming webinar on the Well-Connected Biotech.
The session will cover:
  • growth barriers and enablers;
  • the role of integration in process management;
  • how automation of routine data transfers and setups will free up your people
  • enabling them to concentrate on growing the organization, not fixing data
What do we mean by The Well Connected Biotech? An organization so committed to its life saving mission of drug development that progress should not be impeded by stand-alone IT applications, namely CRM, ERP, FINANCE and HRIS, and antiquated business processes. Instead, all can communicate seamlessly, efficiently, and this is important: at scale. Our webinar presents how Kitepipe helped Moderna Therapeutics focus investment on science, not overhead using the Boomi platform to achieve “Well Connected” Status.
In this 45-minute webinar, you will learn how leading biotech organizations become digital factories using the Boomi integration platform and create "The Digital Drug Company".
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Best, Larry 

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