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7 Things to Expect When Moving Applications to the Cloud

If you haven’t spent much time there, the Cloud can be a mysterious place. Here are some things to expect when planning to relocate business functions to the Cloud. The Cloud is different things to...

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Boomi Tips from the Kitepipe Team

I recently polled the growing Kitepipe Certified Boomi Developer Team for Boomi Development tips that I could post in our Blog.  Here is what they shared with me: As you may be aware, The Dell-Boomi...

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Fulfillment Integration with Zuora

Zuora is a great system for managing recurring revenue (subscription) businesses.  It is a mature and sophisticated application for managing complex subscription products and the time-based events...

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Why Developers Like Boomi

The Dell-Boomi Atomsphere cloud integration platform offers a lot to like: for Administrators, Operations Managers, and Developers. Why Administrators and Operations Managers like Boomi...

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Fearless Boomi Integration - Tips for using Boomi and a new system

In working with Boomi Developers, the question often comes up - “how do you get started building an integration to a platform that you don’t know?”  It is a good question, because it happens all the...

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Why Point-To-Point Is Inferior To Cloud Integration Solutions

I just spoke to a prospect that I've been in contact with for some months, and he elected not to opt for a cloud integration platform, but instead to code up a point-to-point solution.  Which got me...

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Boomi Tip: Use Documents View to Track Down Transactions

                Many Boomi users don't ever use the Documents view in the Process Reporting tab.  Here are some tips on how and why to use Documents view.The normal view in the Boomi Process...

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Boomi's Business Rules Step for Easy Error Detection

Based on my (admittedly) limited review of Dell Boomi Atomsphere processes in production, the Business Rules step is under-utilized as an error detection approach.  Which is a shame, as it is...

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5 Things To Know Before Starting Your First Boomi Integration Project

Boomi is a great platform for building and deploying seamless integrations – And you have made the case for upgrading your middleware.  You have bought Boomi, and are ready to start on a Boomi...

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