Boomi on the Beach 2019

Kitepipe's annual conference was another great success! Hosted on the beach near our office in Wilmington, NC the conference was filled with Boomi education, employee bonding, and company internal growth as well as information sharing with our partner Dell Boomi. 

The educational sessions included:
  • Basics about document flow, properties and caches
  • MDH basics
  • Building Connectors / APIs with OAuth2
  • XML Profiles
  • Configuring for Performance
  • Error Handling Patterns and Best Practices
  • Quality Review & Deployment Best Practices
  • Boomi Integration Patterns and Use Cases
  • Flow Basics
  • Flow Advanced
Even though we had a full schedule including sales and partner meetings, we managed to fit in some group bonding. Each house hosted a dinner every night, including one night during the week when we held a company party for locals, employees, friends and family.
The favorite outing of the conference had to be the sunset cruise we took around the end of the island. It was absolutely beautiful and all had a great time fitting into pontoon boats and cruising the intercostal.
Boomi on the Beach was a great success! We love being able to get everyone together since the Kitepipe team is spread all over North America. 

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