Workday Spaghetti - Don’t Create an Irv

You have a choice when implementing Workday. You can get it with a side of Irv and spaghetti, or with Boomi.
Recently I spoke with a large prospect that implemented Workday two years ago. Big project, almost 100,000 employees. They bought the Workday Integration Studio, and spent $$$ for over 100 custom integrations built in the studio. What they didn’t realize was that, although the Studio makes powerful use of the Workday API, it is code heavy, and requires coding for all the api attachments at the other end of the integration processes.
They didn’t realize that they were creating an Irv. Now, they pay $$$ per year to a third party team for maintenance, and the simple addition of a field to an integration takes six months to get into production.
Contrast that with a Boomi Employee Hub. The integration Hub uses one connection to Workday, then can distribute employee data to many endpoints using a hub and spoke model. Quick to implement, simpler to maintain. Avoids duplicate logic in all the point-to-point spaghetti processes. Plus deduplication, validation and error alerts, delta calculation, too many benefits to mention.
Our large prospect will end up paying twice for the suite of integrations connecting Workday to everything else. Don’t make the same mistake and learn about the Boomi Employee Hub.
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