Boomi World 2019: The Partnership Between Glencore & Kitepipe

During Boomi World 2019, Kitepipe and Glencore spoke about their partnership and the process they went through to have a successful integration outcome. Glencore Zinc decided to implement Workday as the HCM system of record for their Canadian operations. Timely and accurate integration was a key criteria to success. Their various sites are running different instances of an on-site ERP system. Glencore partnered with Kitepipe, who recommended using Boomi MDH as an employee master data hub in a hub-and-spoke architecture between Workday and the sites ERPs. This approach dramatically reduced integration effort, improved data quality, and helped meet project success criteria.

The Benefits of Using A Complex HR Hub

The integration proposed many challenges. Working with Workday, knowing the right Query (API/RAS/Batch). There were multiple Sites/ERPs (Design, Loads, Keys). It's an iterative process, so changes are expected. Rebuilding the repository, many different technologies, and a complex team structure (sites, functional areas, consultants). 
There are many benefits for using a complex HR Hub. Connectivity gets data moving end-to-end, shorter phases  (gets benefits early), only connects fields in common across sites, Hub has great value as quality/enrichment source for point-to-point integrations, uses templates, creates common logging and processes, each process checks uptime of endpoints, and it masters picklist values across sites.
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