Why Integration, Why Boomi

I’m often asked about the business case around Boomi integration - here is how I answer:
Why should a business invest in integration?:
 - Integration makes the business work better/faster - tr
ansactions and data move between platforms
 - Shows up in key functions: Booking deals is easier; customer service is better; procurement is more efficient; onboarding is quicker
- Leverages your team by handling routine data movemen
ts seamlessly, staff handles the exceptions
 - Ultimately the savings are in back office headcount - you can grow faster with fewer people
Why is Boomi different/better that other technologies?:
 - The expensive part of Integration is the man hours, not the tool
 - A medium size enterprise can buy all the Boomi they need for less than the cost of a technical FTE
 - Boomi is purpose built to be low code-hyperproductive - quickest and cheapest way to build integrations
 - Reduces TCO - maintenance is easier in Boomi - no code means the whole lifecycle is managed in Boomi
 - But - it is a specialty - get help from experts
 - Plumber analogy - yes you can learn to do plumbing, but it is easier (and ultimately cheaper) to call the plumber when you need one.  He is 5x faster because he does it every day
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