Don't Try This at Home: 5 Common Mistakes in Boomi Data Integration

Although Boomi is touted as easy to use, without guidance and training from a qualified Boomi integration consultant you can get into trouble. From the the Kitepipe Boomi team, here are five mistakes that you can easily avoid.

1. Mixing up Process and Document Properties  

Although they sound similar, and look the same in the builder, they are Not the Same.  Process properties are global variables, and Document properties are best thought of as metadata attached to each document.  A common mistake is trying to use a process property to route or manage individual documents.  Use a Document property.


2. Running one document at a time using the Flow control shape. 

New developers use the flow control shape to overcome perceived issues with how documents flow in Boomi.  But this causes performance problems at scale.  Study the document flow modules in the Boomi Associate Developer course, and Don't Use Flow Control!


If the flow control problems persist, get help from a qualified Boomi integration consultant like Kitepipe.


3. When to use Get vs Send in configuring the HTTP Client connector

This is not always clear from the target platform documentation. Often trial and error is the quickest way. The low code Boomi platform streamlines the interaction, but hides the connection details, so we use a tool like Postman for debugging.


4. Not connecting the Boomi integration to the business process

In the enterprise, Boomi is part of a bigger system integration solution. Make the Boomi data integration process visible by posting status, or sending email alerts.


For help with how to integrate Boomi into a bigger system integration solution, contact us at


5. Copying woes in the Boomi integration builder.

There are at least five different ways to copy Boomi components in the builder, with different purposes and outcomes. There are shapes that are not components, and components that are not shapes. If these concepts are challenging to you, young Grasshopper, start by reading this Blog post about copying, and know that you are only an egg.


Hope the above helps you avoid some common problems for new Boomi developers. Get Help! The best way to quickly learn Boomi is by engaging a Boomi data integration consultant from the Kitepipe team to build your first integration. You will be starting from a solid best practices example.


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