Kitepipe Runs on MomPower

Working mothers account for 32% of all employed women in the modern workforce. These powerful women balance caretaking with climbing up the ladder—and the societal stigmas that come with both. Working moms are expected to dedicate 100% of their time and energy to careers and 100% of their time and energy to motherhood, but many times that leads to complete burnout.

In speaking with a handful of mothers, it can be a thankless job. You’re on the clock constantly, you’re never paid, and can be unappreciated by the greater society. However, just because society doesn’t always support working mothers, doesn’t mean Kitepipe feels similarly. In fact, Kitepipe makes it a core part of their identity to recruit mothers of all ages to their team. Discover why Kitepipe runs on MomPower. 

How Kitepipe Discovered MomPower  

What is MomPower? “MomPower means making it happen. You just do it and when you’re done you can be impressed with yourself,” says Kitepipe Resource Manager Megan Baldwin. How Kitepipe came to run on MomPower is directly linked to the company’s decade old, forward-thinking work-life culture.

According to Kitepipe CEO Larry Cone, Kitepipe’s culture lends itself to supporting working moms. Cone emphasized that Kitepipe didn’t have the size or power to compete with larger companies and needed to unearth creative ways to expand the business. During this time Kitepipe discovered that Tech Moms trying to re-enter the workforce were a completely untapped, and even ignored market of highly skilled workers. 

According to Larry, “Kitepipe understands that Tech Moms are skilled, loyal, hardworking, and are great team members who appreciate the flexibility we offer.” 

The Culture of Kitepipe Is Built For Moms

Kitepipe has maintained a flexible working culture for over 10 years. Employees' ability to choose their own hours not only appealed to the demanding, and sometimes unpredictable life as a mother, but also created an environment in which the stigma of “who works in tech” could be diminished. The remote nature of Kitepipe’s Boomi integration work allowed them to break the stigma of who is in tech by creating an entirely performance-based atmosphere, whereas some tech companies are hampered by older structures and dogma.  

The Benefits of Being a Kitepipe Tech Mom

As previously stated, Kitepipe’s culture lends itself naturally to working mothers, and the life of a Tech Mom can flourish here. Not only does Kitepipe allow mothers to make their own schedule in order to spend more time with their families, but Kitepipe also offers 12 weeks of maternity leave with 100% pay so a parent won’t have to make a decision between starting a family and maintaining a professional career. 

Linda Kurniawan, a current Kitepipe Tech Mom, reflects on how the Kitepipe Tech Mom culture has benefited her lifestyle: “The best time for me to work is in the wee hours before the kids wake up. I love to play tennis and I love that I can go play for an hour in the middle of the day to keep a healthy lifestyle.” The Kitepipe lifestyle directly empowered Linda to be a great mother, and have a fulfilling personal life.

Re-entering the Workforce with Kitepipe

Beyond accommodating the lifestyle of a mother, Kitepipe also ensures that Tech Moms re-entering the workforce have the tools they need in order to re-acclimate to the working world if needed. Kitepipe facilitates this through a mentorship program that pairs Tech Moms recently hired by Kitepipe with a tenured member of the team. This mentor is the go-to person for each Tech Mom when they need mental, emotional, or technical support. The mentoring program not only helps Tech Moms build comfort and confidence in their capabilities, but also contributes to building the greater Kitepipe community. 

As Tech Mom Linda Kurniawan puts it, “Kitepipe is a family. Something is working really well at Kitepipe. The way the community is formed at Kitepipe. How everybody trusts each other, respects each other, and most importantly supports each other. And that’s what family is.” 

But Kitepipe’s support extends beyond the mentorship program. As Boomi is Kitepipe’s bread and butter, it is essential that their employees be able to understand the intricacies of Boomi. However, not everyone with a tech background will have a working knowledge of, or even understand, Boomi and Boomi integrations. To compensate for this, Kitepipe organizes a Boomi training program for all its incoming employees, empowering them with Boomi knowledge, and uplifting their already high performing technical skills to the level Kitepipe needs them. 

Join Our Team of Tech Moms!

Kitepipe runs on MomPower. Period. Currently, about half of our team members are working mothers. Some are recent mothers jumping back into the workforce, and others haven’t been in a position for a decade or more. To Kitepipe, these women are an under-appreciated workforce. . The company values the commitment, compassion, and technical abilities these trailblazing women add to the Kitepipe community. Curious about becoming a Tech Mom? Get in touch with us today.

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