The Top 3 iPaaS Benefits

If you’re a company using multiple cloud-based applications, there’s a good chance you’ve had to make them work together. But how familiar are you with the tools that exist to make those integrations work better for your business? 

The most efficient way to integrate cloud-based applications is with an iPaaS, or integrated platform as a service. Our good friends at Boomi define iPaaS best as a solution that "Enables companies to achieve their digital transformation goals faster by unifying application and data integration, API management, workflow automation, B2B/EDI partners, and master data management in a single, scalable, cloud-based solution." 

When you first started your search for an iPaaS, you may have been bombarded with different solutions. With so much content available on the subject of iPaaS, you can be left with a sense of confusion and questions on where to begin, what is actually useful, and how to leverage iPaaS in a way that will best serve your needs. Don’t stress any further. We’re about to take you on an iPaaS crash course to explore the top three iPaaS benefits.

iPaaS Benefits: Business Velocity 

First, iPaaS can increase your business velocity. The core function of iPaaS is to reduce the friction of your business transactions  through integrating your various cloud-based applications, creating velocity and efficiencies like never before. 

If your business is operating without an iPaaS, your days are probably filled with tedious transfers and by-hand manipulation between different software platforms. By adding an iPaaS to your business, your team’s day-to-day activities become seamless, and effectively increase your workflow. 

Increased business velocity equates to better outcomes and higher efficiencies. iPaaS assists with this by eliminating delays due to errors or data. These delays could happen when processing orders, onboarding employees, or managing projects in various apps and cloud services. 

IPaaS increases efficiency further by using codeless rather than coding from scratch, so that your multiple applications and cloud-based services can start working together, faster. As the leading iPaaS solution, Boomi excels at increasing business velocity by providing a low-code environment, pre-packed templates, built-in connectors, and drag and drop tools. As a Boomi Elite Partner, Kitepipe works with companies using Boomi to help them plan for the integration component of an upcoming project. Our experts also help with the design, build, test, and deploy cycle allowing faster integrations between applications.

iPaaS Benefits: Slow the Growth of Personnel Costs

Efficiency is not only key to running a respected business; it’s also the key to running a profitable one. The second most important benefit of incorporating iPaaS into your operations, and perhaps the most enticing to some, is making your business more cost effective than ever before. Specifically, iPaaS trims the cost of the workers who are in place to manually process or manually fix business transaction issues. Having an iPaaS allots more time to employees to work on high-value activities like analytics, instead of daunting manual tasks that the iPaaS alleviates.

In the case of Moderna, one of Kitepipe’s key consulting projects, Boomi helped their scientists spend less time on administrative work and more time on biotech innovations through a set of successful Boomi integrations. Moderna successfully scaled staff and  operations thanks to Boomi’s iPaaS benefits such as using the Workday HR system as a single source to enter data that communicated with all other systems across the company. 

Bottom line, the benefit is straightforward: with iPaaS you no longer need to hire multiple employees to re-enter data, and instead can just have one focused on optimizing your data and on-boarding process. 

iPaaS Benefits: Reduce Errors

Beyond business growth and increased cost effectiveness, perhaps the greatest iPaaS benefit is its ability to reduce errors. Ultimately, the role of iPaaS is to catch the human errors that can often seem omnipresent when inputting and correcting data manually. An iPaaS solution can help you eliminate the many barriers caused by disparate systems that are not in sync, and improve the speed and quality of all types of transactions.

No iPaaS handles this better than Boomi. Boomi provides the most comprehensive monitoring and error handling capabilities, both in batch and event-based processes. That’s one of the reasons that we also love Boomi. 

Overall, Kitepipe has been staying agile in its ability to assist clients with integration and all iPaaS needs. Check out our EBOOK about the tips and techniques we use to insure successful IPaas delivery. Our goal is to assist you and your business in getting in tune with Boomi iPaaS. The more integration we get to help you with, the farther your company will go. 

Curious to know more about the ins and outs of Boomi iPaaS? Get in touch with us today.

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