Boomi after Dell - Acquisition by Francisco and TPG

As a Boomi Elite Partner, with a services team focused on Boomi, you can be sure that we keep a close eye on what is going on at Boomi.  Customers and prospects have asked recently about the recent divestiture of Boomi from Dell, and acquisition by the private equity partners Francisco Partners and TPG.  Still early days, but here are our impressions so far.

There is a fair amount of "migration" going on inside Boomi

Boomi runs on the usual suspects for application platforms, many of which were shared with Dell, as part of Dell's corporate agreements.  So Procurement, HR and Sales are separating from Dell, with varying schedules and progress.

So far business as usual in the Sales and Marketing teams. No appreciable exodus, no senior level departures. 

Over the past few years Boomi was a net gainer in the ongoing shuffle of sales talent in SaaS and IPaaS

And why not, there is still a ton of running room and sales commissions to be made in the integration space, and Boomi is arguably best-of-breed - we at Kitepipe certainly think so.


We believe that the timing of the deal had less to do with Boomi, and more to do with Dell debt and still-frothy SaaS valuations. 

We look for "All Ahead Full Steam" for the next couple of years.  Will Corkery has built a world-class global sales team, and Ed Macosky is a top-tier tech leader - moving quickly to fill gaps in the API management offering when he arrived two years ago.


The inbound funnel at Kitepipe is strong and growing - driven by pent-up IT budgets, verticals like Biotech that are exploding, and growing post-pandemic awareness among slower adopter firms that it is time to move to the cloud. 

In fact, it is likely that there are not enough qualified Boomi developers around to support the demand.  So, if you know a document property from a process property, send those resumes over to .


In conclusion, as long as the new ownership does not mess with with a team and model that is clearly working, we expect strong growth for the next few years at Boomi.


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