You Bought Boomi, Now What? Get a Cloud iPaaS Guy

So you finally made the leap and bought Boomi Integrated Platform as a Service (iPaaS), the ultimate cloud iPaaS. First off, welcome to a whole new beginning on how you integrate and organize your business. For Kitepipe, Boomi is our bread and butter. In our opinion, it is THE standard when it comes to iPaaS. 

But now what? How do you reap all the benefits of this incredible solution? We have four words for you: Get an iPaaS guy.

Kitepipe Cloud Consulting Services

What is an iPaaS guy or gal? They’re masters of designing, building, and managing Boomi integrations. Someone who can come to your aid, troubleshoot your issues, and lead you to a place where your business is maximizing Boomi’s functions. But what should your iPaaS guy look like? The most important thing you need to know is that your iPaaS guy should be making your business more efficient. They’re both business analysts and Boomi insiders. They’re time efficient, cost efficient, and tech efficient. The iPaaS guy is all this and more because they condense the roles occupied by many workers, to one person doing one job that moves your business forward.  Plus at Kitepipe, many of our IPaaS guys are gals.

The Kitepipe team are masters of Boomi know-how and offer cloud consulting services including:

  • Integration Creation
  • Project Start-Ups and Boomi setup
  • Boomi Training
  • Migration Services
  • Boomi Maintenance
  • Master Data Management
  • Boomi Hosting in AWS

While there can be confusion or hesitation on exactly what cloud integration services entails, Kitepipe’s Boomi consultants ensure that you understand the Whys and Wherefores of our Boomi services, built on hundreds of projects of experience. The rest is taken care of through Kitepipe’s refined process.

Kitepipe’s Process for Cloud iPaaS Consulting

As Kitepipe CEO Larry Cone puts it, "The way we build integrations is to maximize speed. What we find is everyone wants quality and everyone wants speed so the quicker you can do it with quality, the happier people are."

Kitepipe’s process for Boomi integrations, our bread and butter, delivers finished Boomi integrations, which increases your business velocity and employee productivity—and is the overall cost-effective move.

Incorporating Boomi iPaaS will be smoother across all departments with the help of cloud consultants. Kitepipe works in tandem with your day-to-day operations, no matter the service you need, to make integrations smooth. This translates into an increase in your business velocity, among other iPaaS benefits

Cloud consulting also increases your company’s productivity, especially the IT department that bears the brunt of integrations. Instead of handling integrations on your own—pulling key personnel from multiple departments to handle the transition—consultants manage creation, maintenance, and support services. And our Superpower is to build integrations in a way that Business and Operations users are kept in the loop, and can fix their own data problems - taking the IT staff out from under managing data quality issues. 

Boomi iPaaS is known on the market as a cost effective solution for its users business for a few reasons. Mainly, you’ll see costs savings around expensive IT personnel (cutting back on hiring developers to create APIs and code, etc.) and also due to iPaaS being a platform and not software, so you cut down on hardware and maintenance. But to deliver these benefits you need the help of experts - This is one of the reasons that Kitepipe does Boomi integrations only.

Ready to Get an iPaaS Guy?

At this point you might be thinking, "Okay that’s all good and dandy, but how do I know if Kitepipe’s services are actually something I need?" The benefits that come with Kitepipe’s iPaaS services amplify the benefits that come with incorporating Boomi. Kitepipe is for the business that’s in a hurry, has complicated or complex business processes, and wants to minimize the maintenance and manual work required to keep the integrations running.  If that is you, we should talk!

At the end of the day, if you’re using Boomi, Kitepipe is your iPaaS guy/gal. To learn more about how Kitepipe can help your business, get in touch with us.

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