Advanced DevOps for Boomi Webinar

Join a group of experts from Boomi and Kitepipe as they discuss best practices around operating your Boomi environment in this recorded webinar. 

Webinar Recording: "Advanced DevOps for Boomi Webinar" -  Hear a panel of experts from Boomi and Kitepipe talk about best practices around operating your Boomi environment.

Topics include: Boomi as part of a CI/CD pipeline, including automated testing, use of Boomi APIs, third party code review tools, and more!

Ajay Natarajan, Boomi Sr Enterprise Architect, to present latest thinking on Boomi and DevOps.

Ajay is a senior Enterprise Architect and is passionate about scaling IPaaS through automation and DevOps.  He is a thought leader on Boomi, reference architectures, CI/CD Pipelines, and Test-driven Deployment.

Jim Hinchey, Boomi Solutions Consultant South East, also presents. Jim is a longtime Pre-sales Engineer – 25+ years, and started his career as programmer with IBM mainframe systems. He's always considered himself a data jockey!

Boomi Ops Webinar without QA-1

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