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In April of 2021, Dell announced that it had decided to sell Boomi, their cloud integration software unit, to the private-equity firms Francisco Partners and TPG Capital. The deal officially closed at the end of 2021. While this momentous change has been cause for celebration, it has left some with the lingering question of "Now what?" 

  • What will the future look like for Boomi in this new chapter? 
  • Will anything change for Kitepipe? 
  • What will the Boomi user need to know?

Sales and acquisitions could be cause for concern, but in Boomi’s case, things are only improving. From Kitepipe’s view, the new partners have seen stable retention among key sales and product employees and have increased the velocity and focus of the Boomi team. 

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, former Boomi CEO Chris McNabb says that “Francisco and TPG are the grow-faster type of private-equity owners, not the "strip’em down and sell’em kind." Knowing this, Boomi will only accelerate hiring on TPG’s watch, which is good for current and future employees.

In addition to the new owners, Boomi hired a new CEO, David Meredith, who succeeded CEO Chris McNabb in January 2022. David Meredith, former CEO of Everbridge, brings over 20 years of experience and vision to Boomi. During David’s time at Everbridge, he soared the company past their growth target, and hopes to do the same for Boomi. David’s arrival at Boomi means that the company is ready to go beyond the standard they’ve been operating at and transition into their next phase of growth. 

What the Future for Boomi Will Look Like

Boomi’s increased velocity under new leadership has manifested itself through stronger and more dynamic marketing relationships. Boomi has put more effort into expanding presence for their partners through the development of IT for partner marketing, making it easier for consumers to create their own page. This overhaul in marketing has been summed up in the new hashtag for the company: #goboomiit.  This is a great tag for Boomi, because it captures what we at Kitepipe know, that applying Boomi integration to business operations problems results in a more agile, faster moving enterprise!

However, some might still have questions about what this transition for Boomi means for Kitepipe, and more importantly, what does this all mean for Boomi users? 

For those on the user side of the Boomi community, they can expect further development of new product features. With increased focus on improving features, users are in a prime position for growth. Some of these new features were revealed during Boomi’s annual user conference, Out of this World 2021. During the event, McNabb led the introduction of its new "vision for hyper automation." The components of hyper automation have not been fully articulated, but we think this may include event streaming, better workflow-integration fit, better integration with CI/CD pipelines, and more build-out of the already rich API feature set. 

Beyond the increased focus on automation, Boomi also launched its embedded event-driven architecture, Boomi Event Streams, its new Boomi Discover library of solutions, and AtomSphere Go. The latter of which is an on-demand platform that lets developers purchase a full set of integration tools without a long term licensing commitment - a great way to experience the power of Boomi. 

What the Future for Kitepipe Will Look Like

But again, what does this ultimately mean for Kitepipe? As Boomi continues to evolve and expand its platform capabilities, so will the deep Boomi knowledge of the Kitepipe team. The Kitepipe team remains on the cutting edge of integrated service knowledge, and will walk hand in hand with Boomi into growth, diverse capability, and expanded assistance to make the user’s integration solutions as seamless as possible. 

With the expansion of Boomi services and abilities, Kitepipe will continue to be thought leaders in the Boomi solutions space, seeing this expansion as a way to further spread their presence among Boomi customers in search of higher quality, clearly communicated, and rapid delivery of  integration assistance. According to Kitepipe CEO Larry Cone, Kitepipe is using this opportunity to energize their own marketing, including a deeper focus on their LinkedIn campaigns resulting in more contacts from potential partners.

What does this all mean for you? It means that Kitepipe will bring in more connections, better service, quickly deliver your integration needs, and take on more of your projects than ever before. Kitepipe, now more than ever, is encouraging all to #goboomiit. 

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