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Workday Employee Hub

I’m Larry Cone, and I wrote an eBook that you should be very interested in.
You will learn about how organizations like yours are streamlining the HR data flows between systems using the Boomi Employee Hub
  • Companies installing Workday invest a huge amount of time and money cleaning and aligning employee data, and configuring Workday to manage the complex recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes
  • Once in place, Workday is the essential source of truth about Employee status, history, benefits and roles.
But - how can you effectively PUBLISH this employee data to the many systems and processes that need it?
You see, organizations are in the midst of a huge transformation in how they buy and use IT systems.  Cloud-based systems are causing an explosion in the number of systems running in the average organization.  You only need to think for a moment, and you can identify many separate, high function applications for:
  • employee expenses
  • benefits: healthcare, investment, vision, dental, transit, etc
  • Sales and marketing platforms
  • Training platforms
  • Content and community platforms
  • Event and scheduling
not to mention the many systems needed to develop, manufacture, market, sell, and fulfill a product
This explosion in systems - called “cloud best-of-breed” applications - has resulted in a need for organizations to provision and manage user access to these many systems.  And the source of that user data is Workday!
Enter the Boomi Employee Hub for Workday.
In concert with Dell-Boomi, Kitepipe has developed a comprehensive, cost effective solution - the Boomi Employee Hub for Workday.  This solution allows you to synchronize  employee data between Workday and any number of applications running in your enterprise.  But not only synchronize, but selectively publish user data to systems based on logic you specify.
Here's How it Works…
Hang on, I wrote a whole eBook about this solution - just fill out the on-page form to download for free!
Here is the table of Contents:
Employee Hub for Workday
  1. The Setting – Expanding HRIS applications
  2. The Problem – Workday Integration 
  3. The Solution – Boomi Integration, Hub Components and Kitepipe 
  4. The Hub – Employee Hub for Workday 
  5. How Tos – Implementing the Hub 
  6. Tips – Dos and Don’ts 
  7. Results  – Workday Employee Hub 
  8. Appendix: Glencore Workday Case Study
This is a comprehensive, 30 page eBook that will tell you everything you need to know about the Boomi Employee Hub for Workday, including:
  • How it works
  • Value to your organization
  • How to implement it
  • How much it costs
Plus included is a case study on how Kitepipe implemented the Boomi Employee Hub for one of the worlds largest companies.
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Thanks for your interest - I know you will want to contact me to learn more after reading this comprehensive eBook.
Larry Cone
Cloud Solutions Architect 

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