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About Kitepipe

After using Boomi to streamline the integration strategy at their cloud-based software firm, Kitepipe founder Larry Cone saw the need for a Boomi-focused services team that could deliver all the promise of this powerful platform. Kitepipe was founded as a cloud focused integration services team, dedicated to helping enterprises streamline operations exclusively with Boomi integration. Today, Larry and his team of certified Boomi developers help dozens of Boomi customers and SIs quickly achieve business value with the industry-leading Dell-Boomi integration platform.

Our Customer Profiles

Cloud Applications Manager

Cloud Applications Manager

Responsibilities: Owns the project that implements Boomi - usually supporting a larger organizational initiative

VP Cloud applications

VP Cloud applications

Owns the relationship with Operations VPs; Owns the IT budget for the project driving the Boomi Acquisition


Boomi Developer

Responsibilities: responsible for the details of the Boomi integration development


VP Operations

Responsibilities: Responsible for timely processing of business transactions, typically in the revenue cycle - sales, fulfillments, Service delivery.

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