Why Imax
Chose Kitepipe

Fixing Data Quality and Flow Between
IMAX's ERP and Procurement System

Integrations Created Between SAP, Concur, and Boomi MDH.

Operational Challenges

Kitepipe set out to improve data quality and flow between ERP and Imax's procurement system.

Project Scope

Kitepipe completed out of the box integrations between SAP and Concur for vendor management and procurement lack important quality and scope. We implemented these procure to pay integrations in Boomi and added a vendor mastering hub to better manage vendor creation and update.


Kitepipe completed a successful Concur implementation that had been stalled for 12 months due to integration problems was back on track. For the finance team, this project proved the value of Boomi integration and lead to substantial buildout and use of Boomi as a strategic IT platform.

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