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Kitepipe releases Boomi AWS Hosting Solution on AWS Marketplace - FAQs

This Week Kitepipe has released our Boomi atom/molecule hosting service on AWS Marketplace.  Kitepipe, a Platinum Boomi Partner, offers a range of development, hosting and support services around the Boomi integration platform. 

The Kitepipe fully managed hosting solution targets several sets of Boomi customers, including those who are:

  • Ready to move up to a high-availability molecule or API configuration; 
  • Moving on-premise servers to the public cloud as part of Digital Transformation;
  • Controlling IT headcount with a fully managed solution from Kitepipe
  • Defining New Workloads or existing business processes that are scaling:  
    • These may require new components, like a molecule, an API gateway, or are integrations that will perform better in the public cloud.
  • Experiencing public atom limitations: Many Boomi integrations are using the Boomi public atom and are running into throughput and capacity constraints
  • Wanting to do more with less: The Great Resignation has had an effect on IT resources.
    • Off-loading Boomi in AWS to an experienced partner is a best practice that frees up IT for high value strategy and architecture initiatives
  • Experiencing complexity headwinds: Running Boomi in AWS requires expertise to get it right.  Many Boomi in AWS initiatives are getting stuck at the prototype stage.   

The Product offer is now live, and can be found here!

Kitepipe's AWS Hosting Solution is full featured, and includes Boomi configuration best practices. Here is a high level view of the components set we install in AWS:


Here are some FAQs about the Kitepipe AWS Marketplace offering.

What is included in the Kitepipe hosting service?  

This is a comprehensive Boomi managed hosting service that includes: 

  • Assessment of your current or future Boomi infrastructure; 
  • Onboarding and build-out of a dedicated Boomi runtime environment in AWS;  
  • Installation of your Boomi licensing;  
  • Customized Datadog monitoring dashboards for Boomi; 
  • 24/7 monitoring of your Boomi environment;  
  • Ongoing management and patching of the environment; 
  • AWS infrastructure fees are included.


Is the hosting environment dedicated or multi-tenant?  

Each Managed Cloud Services customer is hosted in their own AWS VPC, managed by Kitepipe, with no shared resources, infrastructure or services.  All tiers have separate VPCs for Prod and Test.  The Molecule product tiers segment the compute nodes across multiple AZs for high reliability and availability.

Does the service include Boomi licensing?  

No – the Boomi integration platform and tools are purchased separately from Boomi.  See the related service listing in the AWS marketplace from Boomi.  The Boomi integration product and platform is full featured – contact us to learn more about Boomi licensing, or to be connected with your local Boomi sales representative – at

Does the configuration support a Boomi atom or molecule?  

Both configurations are supported in different product tiers.  A Boomi atom is the single node runtime engine - we install a test and a prod atom in different VPCs.  A Boomi Molecule is the clustered configuration of the Boomi runtime - for this tier we install two Molecules - one in the prod environment, one in a separate test environment.

How is the environment kept current?  

Kitepipe uses an industry-leading DevOps architecture to build and manage the AWS-Boomi configuration.  Terraform scripts driven by a CircleCI-based deployment and update process ensures that the environment starts and stays solid.

Are there proactive monitoring metrics and support?

Yes. Metrics like disk capacity and memory available are proactively monitored.  Datadog agents and dashboards are used to follow trends in both the AWS infrastructure and Boomi processes.  Datadog for Boomi is a separate add on available to customer who either purchase our Boomi Datadog module or contract separately for Kitepipe Boomi support.

The Kitepipe support team is comprised of AWS and Boomi certified engineers and augmented by the Kitepipe best-in-class development team and AWS engineers from Kitepipe support partners. We use a follow the sun model augmented by AWS Premier Tier partner Trek 10

Is customer Boomi process and application support included?

No. Customers may contract separately with Kitepipe for support for the Boomi processes and runtime.  Customers who perform their own Boomi services support and updates may purchase Kitepipe’s Datadog monitoring service separately.


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