Boomi Platinum Partner Expands to the Cloud with a New Brand Identity and Business Offering

Kitepipe celebrates becoming a Boomi Platinum Partner, launching their AWS business, and refreshing their website.  

Wilmington, NC – December 13, 2022 – Kitepipe, a top tier Boomi Platinum Partner and leader in Boomi integrations with over 100 successful integrations this year, announces their Boomi Platinum status and the launch of their AWS migration business. Customers will benefit from working with a Platinum Partner for seamless Boomi-AWS migrations. 

For the past eight years, Kitepipe has been a trusted Boomi partner. First Select status, then Elite status, and now Platinum status. There are only 11 Platinum partners in Boomi’s partner ecosystem. Kitepipe earned and maintained this esteemed status by providing high quality integrations across the entire Boomi platform for customers who are accelerating their cloud application strategy. 

“We’re extremely proud that Boomi has recognized our contributions year after year. As Boomi’s only dedicated Platinum partner, our Boomi integration team is larger and more experienced in Boomi than most consulting firms. Our consultants do more complex integration projects and focus on data mastering, API management, and high-value cloud integrations. That’s one of the many reasons that we’ve continued to grow our relationship with Boomi,” says Larry Cone, Kitepipe Founder and CEO.

Kitepipe is using their momentum with Boomi to grow their Boomi-AWS division. Boomi is a key part of a cloud migration strategy and Kitepipe is working to make that happen for organizations of all sizes and industries.Through migrating Boomi to AWS, Kitpeipe helps customers increase data security, consistency, and scalability.

“Our methods and status with Boomi have supported speed and agility in AWS migrations. We’ve embraced three scripting models for standard Boomi configurations in AWS that enable continuous deployments (CICD). Managing Boomi in AWS is much easier if it’s all pre-scripted,” says Chuck Cone, VP Managed Cloud Services.

Customers will notice the new status and AWS offering on Kitepipe’s brand-new website, which allows customers to find services more easily and get a better sense of Kitepipe’s brand identity. The brand refresh reflects Kitepipe’s continuing commitment to Boomi and their customers. 


About Kitepipe

Kitepipe knows Boomi better.™ Kitepipe’s global team empowers Boomi users to build, maintain and improve their Boomi integrations, from AWS to NetSuite, Salesforce to SAP, and beyond. Our experts have completed over 500+ successful integration projects, have over 70 Boomi certifications, and have even authored training courses for 


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