Moderna Biotech & Digital Transformation with Boomi

In April, Kitepipe had a chance to connect with a distinguished group of thought leaders at our customer Moderna Therapeutics in Cambridge, MA.  The event showcased how Boomi integration and data mastering technology had allowed Moderna to re-think how transactions, data and business processes worked in the world's first digital drug company.

Moderna Project Milestones During Boomi Integration

Leading the discussion were Anne Thomas of Gartner, and Steve Woods of Dell Boomi.  Attending for Kitepipe was Jennifer Oriza, VP of Operations at Kitepipe.  As part of the round table discussion, Jennifer had a chance to reflect on Kitepipe’s multi-year collaboration with Moderna, and how the growth of the Boomi footprint and product build-out mirrored the maturity model we at Kitepipe see in our customer base.
I spoke to Jennifer after the conference, and she summarized Kitepipe’s work at Moderna:
"Kitepipe has had the great good fortune to work with Moderna on application integration from the beginning - and our work at Moderna has mirrored broader trends in cloud integration practices.  Here are some milestones:
  • Point to point - our initial work at Moderna was a set of point to point integrations - one of the earliest was Netsuite to Concur for invoice processing
  • Supporting new platforms - when Moderna selected Workday for HRIS, Boomi was a key part of the implementation plan
  • Rich integrations - we built up the procure to pay integration suite to include notifications, logging, validations and error handling, and ticketing tools to enable users to monitor progress and resubmit transactions
  • Master data hub - as the Workday/on-boarding integrations grew more complex, we implemented MDH as an employee hub to simplify the integration landscape
  • Platform migration - when Moderna replaced Netsuite with SAP, we found that having the master data hub in place for employees, org structure and chart of accounts was a powerful migration tool, and simplified the transition.
  • Regulated Environments - as Moderna build out their GMP manufacturing environment, Kitepipe supported through Boomi development and validation processes that enabled the needs of a regulated environment.
  • Business Process Automation - Though several generations and integrations, the set of Boomi integrations managing employee on boarding now handle most data aspects of onboarding without manual intervention.  Closely linked with the ServiceNow platform, every step, from phone equipment questionnaire to cafeteria ticket, is handled by Boomi integrations.  Manual intervention is only needed in exception conditions.
"Over a four year period, Kitepipe has enabled the build-out of Moderna’s cloud best of breed application strategy though the use of Boomi integration, master data management, and business process automation”
And we are just getting Started!

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