AtomWatch by Kitepipe is Now Available to 25,000 Customers on the Datadog Marketplace


Kitepipe, a Boomi Platinum Partner and leader in Boomi integration support, is pleased to announce the launch of AtomWatch, on the Datadog Marketplace. The new cloud integration product for supporting Boomi processes uses Datadog’s cloud-based monitoring and analytics platform to provide a one-stop center for complete visibility of Boomi integrations, cluster nodes, and related infrastructure. It is available to Datadog’s customers in the Datadog Marketplace, as well as through Kitpepipe’s AWS Managed Cloud Solution Services (MCSS).

"We are very excited to bring AtomWatch to the market," said Chuck Cone, Kitepipe’s VP of Managed Cloud Services: AWS. “It offers a single pane of glass for managing Boomi and the underlying cloud infrastructure. The AtomWatch solution takes our Boomi customers from reactive to predictive operations, enabling them to spot and trend potential process and business risks even before they impact the end-user experience."

AtomWatch significantly streamlines root cause analysis, simplifies the interpretation of disparate log files, and uses Datadog’s proven monitoring platform for the public cloud to manage and support Boomi processes. It not only offers smart trending alerts based on the health of your Boomi environment but a single pane of glass view of all critical AWS logs, Boomi runtime logs, Boomi process logs, and Boomi platform alerts.

As a Boomi Platinum Partner, Kitepipe brings deep Boomi expertise to bear, which is reflected in the AtomWatch platform’s simple user experience and powerful feature set. This new offering bridges an important insight gap for IT support teams, allowing organizations to efficiently manage and interpret the Boomi environment in AWS today, and Azure, upcoming in a future release.

"AtomWatch reflects our commitment to empower businesses with tools that enhance operational visibility and control of their Boomi," said Cone. "We believe AtomWatch will redefine how businesses monitor their operations and ensure business process continuity."

To try AtomWatch for your organization, you can get a 14 Day Free Trial that includes a one hour set-up and configuration session, supported by Kitepipe. It is available at


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